Album Release Party!!! November 6th, 2016 at The Valley of the Kings Studio

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with The Valley of the Kings Studios and Oh My Kabob Mediterranean Food Truck to have our official release party on November 6th.

1. The event will be at the recording studio (We want you to experience a night inside of the mind of a musician).

2. This is a Black and White attire party. Dress to impress, you never know who you may run into 😉

3. The Event is from 6-7:30pm at the studio (4th floor) and 7:30-9pm in the parking lot where the food truck is.

4. We are only pressing 250 physical cd’s. First come, first serve ($10) each. (Cash Only)

5. A lot of the musicians who featured on this album will be there to take pictures with you and to sign the cd.

6. We have decided to donate 5% of all the physical cd sales to the less fortunate. I will physically purchase food and go to the streets to feed them (See our past events). Anyone is welcome to join.

7. Oh My Kabob has also decided to donate 5% of their sales to the homeless animals.

8. The Valley of the Kings has decided to give 10% off to all the musicians for any recording, mixing or mastering with a proof of the purchase of the cd. Please contact Billy for details.

9. Each person who purchases the cd will have their picture taken with it and will get a personal thank you on all social medias (If you own a business, we will mention it on the post).

10. Please arrive at 6pm as the studio will close their doors at 7:30pm so we can all go downstairs to eat some yummy food.

11. Oh My Kabob has also decided to create a special sandwich for that night named “14” to honor the album.

12. We have hired a professional photographer and a professional videographer to capture this night.

13. Come, have fun, take pictures, meet some celebrities, radio hosts, writers for magazines and lets create a night to remember!!!

14. I almost forgot, we will also have jello shots 😉

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